Fragrance Collectie

When home decoration meets the art of perfume.

The Pomax Home Fragrance range finds its soul in its collections' inspiring themes, found in every part of the world. Each perfume has been developped in Grasse, France. Perfumer and creator have teamed up in their research to dream up the olfactory universe of the Pomax brand. Each room in the house can be perfumed with the Pomax Home Fragrance collection, so that each moment, intimate, family, friendly, is enriched with refined scents. A close friend comes unannounced, spray "Voyage Ottoman", which will instantaneously welcome him in a coiling sillage of warm amber. The glimmer of a "Boiseries d'hiver" candle will light up the most beautiful family moments with its scent, woody and subtly delicious, reminiscent of mountains and their white-powdered trees.

Winter is getting longer and summer is still a distant hope... A "Entre de l'ombre" candle cleverly placed in a passing area will give off the casual scent of a lush fig tree. For more spiritual moments, we ceremonially light up a "Habemus Papam" candle to enjoy the scent of incense and aromatic sparkles coiling around us, invigorating our souls.

The collection of scents Pomax Home Fragrance is not only about perfuming a home, but also about inventing new rituals, to sublime each moment.