FLUF - cushion - acrylic / polyester - L 45 x W 45 cm - green


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Fur has been one of the symbols of luxury for centuries, because of its soft, warm properties and intensely beautiful colors and patterns. However, it is irresponsible to kill an animal for its coat, which is why we chose the synthetic option at Pomax. After all, acrylic lends itself perfectly to making very fine hairs that can pass as real fur, but with the great feature that you can give them any color you like. Our Fluf range consists of throws and pillows in all kinds of colors, which can give you the necessary warmth without hurting animals.

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Cushion 45x45cm

Product specifications

  • Base material: acrylic
  • Secundairy material: polyester
  • Measurements: L 45 x W 45 cm
  • ean-code: 5414780377415

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