5 interior tips to prepare your home for spring




Hooray, spring is in the air! Goodbye cold winter days, hello fragrant spring blossoms! The start of the new season marks the perfect time to make some interior adjustments and freshen up your home. No inspiration? No problem! We collected some fresh interior design tips to get your home up and running for the new season.



Hipster cushions


The days are getting longer and the temperatures moderately warmer. In short: the perfect time to store those dark winter cushions and bring in some fresh, cotton cushions. New cushions make a world of difference, instantly giving your living room a new look.

Looking for new cushions? Make sure to pick a fun print or a playful pattern. Dull, plain cushions are without a doubt a thing of the past.


Oh, and don’t forget to put away those warm winter blankets. Instead, go for a light plaid. Plaid isn’t just decorative, it also keeps you warm on chillier spring evenings.




The fashionistas among us already know: botanical is the biggest spring trend of 2016. Both national and international fashion houses draw inspiration from nature for their designs.

Nature is becoming increasingly populair when it comes to interior design, too. You can literally bring nature into your home by adding flowers and plants, or simply buy some botanical prints and other designs.

Flowers and plants match with everything. A bunch of wild flowers on the dining table, a flower pot with violets by the television, some fresh herbs on the kitchen counter – anything is possible! Let your imagination run wild and give your spring interior some botanical charm!


DIY decoration


Another fun interior design tip for spring: making your own decoration. Fill jars and bowls with natural elements, such as willow catkins, branches and blossoms. It’s easy, inexpensive and a lot of fun to do, especially on a lazy Sunday afternoon with the kids.


Give your nose a treat


Spring is the most colourful season of the year. It’s only natural then that we introduce some colour in the house. However, don’t forget your other senses – such as smell. Fresh scents immediately evoke that spring feeling.

Spread a lovely aroma throughout your home with scented candles or a diffuser. Spring time goes best with vanilla, musk or blossoms.

You also can’t go wrong with fragrance recipes – better yet, most natural air fresheners are easy to make yourself! By adding some orange peel and a few drops of vanilla to a boiling pot of water, your home will be filled with a wonderful spring fragrance within minutes. Keep it simple and create new fragrances with natural deodorisers.


A lick of paint

Want to take things a step further? Roll up your sleeves and give your interior a makeover by painting an accent wall. Go for a trendy pastel shade, a bright seasonal colour or Cherished Gold, the trend colour of 2016 – the choice is yours! Another helpful tip: match the colour of your accent wall with the colour of your decoration to create a beautiful whole. Of course, this doesn’t mean that every accessory should be in the same shade. A complementary contrast colour keeps things interesting and prevents monotony. Source image: colourfutures.com

Extra tip:

Spring dining wouldn’t be complete without a fitting dining set to set the mood. Discover our Table art and go for cute, playful plates and bowls to dress up your table.


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