The secrets of contemporary and timeless interior design




Some interiors have a longer life span than others. That’s because they were furnished with timeless pieces, not making them outdated with the next fashion, hype or trend. These interiors remain trendy, simply because they aren’t based on momentary whim or passings fads. The approach? A timeless and permanent character, elements that stand the test of time and an interior that doesn’t bore, even after many years.

How to go about designing a contemporary and timeless interior? Some tips to get this style for your home!



The basis: neutral colors


The first step towards a timeless interior? Neutral colors with staying power! White isn’t your only option, by the way. Gray and beige, for example, are viable options too. Or you could vary, of course … It is, above all, of the utmost importance to select neutral colors to serve as a timeless foundation for the rest of your interior. Flash colors are less suitable. We give it to you on a platter: you quickly grow tired of bright reds and brash greens.


Go for sober, functional design


A timeless interior doesn’t bend to fads or trends, but instead excels in functionality. This is definitely not synonymous with ‘boring’, however. Go for furniture pieces that fit and add value, without being over the top. Exaggerated patterns and shapes should best be avoided – in a timeless interior well-thought out and sober pieces are to be preferred. Don’t hesistate to add personality, of course!


Accessories add personality


Looking to provide your interior with some extra punch by way of a certain color, pattern or material you love? Use accessories! Don’t exaggerate, of course, and make sure that these extras are always in proportion to the available space. Keep it classy and go for one bigger accent instead of several smaller ones.


Less is and remains more, especially in a contemporary interior! Accent accessoires should never dominate the space …




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