How to go for the atmosphere of Scandinavian design



Scandinavian countries have more than made their mark on the world of design: the functionality and affordability of Scandinavian interiors are fixed values in our homes.

Scandinavian living is synonymous with natural materials, delicate colours, simple shapes and playfulness. The versatility of the Nordic style is ideal for decorating every home. Ready for some tips?



Soothing designs and textures


The first thing you think of when we say ‘Scandinavian design’? That’s right: simplicity and respect for nature. Scandinavians love natural materials, such as wood, using it in their homes as much as they can. Light wood is preferred, in particular. Almost all the floors in Scandinavian homes are woorden floors!

The light and bright color scheme is used in the variours interior elements, also. It is usually combined with earth tones to achieve a peaceful and natural whole. White, gray, pastel and pink are the base colors. They work particularly well in combination with materials like mohair and velvet, making for a dream of an interior, straight from an adorable Norwegian house to yours!


However, the above doesn’t mean that Scandinavian design is ‘colorless’. Far from it. The delicate color palette can be complemented perfectly with colorful designs and patterns, decorations and accessoires. Trendy colors guarantee a funky accent!


Scandinavian design and contemporary furniture


Scandinavians are big fans of neutral furniture and furnishing, which of course blends beautifully into contemporary interiors and houses. The pieces are usually very scarcely decorated and radiate calmness. Moreover, Scandinavian living is all about minimalism, clean lines and comfort.

Resolutely go for tight and clean architecture and ditto furniture to breing peace into your home and create a pleaseant space to work and live. The near-minimalism of Scandinavian living is a dream for your home!


Retro and vintage all the way


Scandinavian interiors often feature furniture that is based on furniture from the 50s. The motto? Furniture doesn’t have to be expensive, as long as the pieces you choose have a certain appeal to them. Wood and fabric are a match made in heaven


Functional accessories


Scandinavian living goes hand in hand with simple, functional accessories. The Scandinavians, as it happens, aren’t very fond of clutter and over-decorating. They never go overboard with decorations, instead going for carefully chosen pieces that actually are of value to the room.




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