How to decorate your home into a paradise of peace and quiet





After a busy day at work you want nothing more than to come home and unwind. That’s exactly why we transform our interiors into oases of peace and tranquility: to relax and recharge our batteries. Would you like to make your home more peaceful? Making the right choices is not an easy thing to do. Setting up your home just right is a great balancing act. Go for peace and quet with our expert tips!



Soft and natural materials


The perfect base for a peaceful interior comes in the form of soft-colored accessories, especially pieces in natural materials such as wood. Mixing and matching is the message! These cute wooden houses, wooden candle holders and inviting rattan chairs are can’t-miss additions to your home.


Decorate your home with honest, natural materials for an authentic look that automatically calms you. Wood combines very nice with marble, copper and wool.


Pastels and peaceful colors


Pastels are perfect in peaceful interiors. Lacking inspiration? Then check the pieces and accessories of the Pastel reverie in Lofoten collection. They simply radiate peace and create the right atmosphere in every room! The soft and calm colors immediately take away all your stress. Earth tones, bright colors and grey, too, deserve a place in a quiet interior. Bright colors and wallpapers are to be avoided.


Decorate away!


Sober doesn’t have to be boring. The elegant yet daring accessories of the Refresh in Amalfi collection prove this like no other. Use them to decorate and dress up your home if you’re looking for decoration pieces that liven up without overbearing. The beautiful vases and distinctive glasswork, especially, bring your interior to a whole other level.





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