Decorating in country style with wooden decoration




Country-style interiors exude true comfort and cosiness. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that the rather classic interior style is enjoying a revival these days. The trend speaks for itself: we are rebuilding our homes to be cocoons of tranquility, simplicity and warmth … Places where it is pleasant to be, where you can completely unwind and relax after a busy day at work.

Are you a fan of the country style and do you want to apply it at home? Get started with our decorating tips and ‘country’ up your home!



Characteristics of the country style


Decorating in country style is a smart move if you are won over by the charms of the countryside. How you can evoke the rustic atmosphere? It’s very easy! The country style is characterized, among other things, by the use of light colors and shades of white, sand colors and earth tones. The right decorative elements are indispensible. Natural furnishings and ornamental pieces prevail, but authentic elements, also, form a beautiful whole with the country style. By bringing these pieces together, you ensure a harmonious environment you will love coming home to.


Furthermore, the outdoors is an important source of inspiration for country-style interiors. Natural materials such as wood, stone, wool and linen always work well. Wooden decoration and accessories, especially, guarantee a rustic and rural interior.


Wooden decoration, accessories and upholstery


Wood is an absolute must in a warm, rustic interior, that much is for certain. It is the ultimate way to achieve the peace of nature in your living room. Don’t hesitate to go for wooden decoration with some character and a lived look. Loud colors should be avoided. They don’t go well with minimalist pieces. Simple and pure are the way to go. How about these beautiful picture frames and candle holders? Or this rustic wooden tableware from the Mango collection? The beautiful aluminum underplates guarantee rustic, country-style dining!


Combine with the earthenware Zaza crockery or the Lacté collection to bring color. The beauty of the country style is that you have so many options. Dishes, pots, baskets … The more decoration, the better!


Go for light woods


An important tip when decorating in country style: pick decoration pieces and accessories in light woods, gray, earth tones and other soft colors. Subtle floral details are an excellent choise, also, like the above dishes and bowls, for example. Whatever you do, try your best to keep it simple and light if you’re aiming for a through-and-through country touch. Light colors ensure openness and cosiness!


Additional tips for an interior in country style


If decorating in country style is your thing, then there are many other things you can do. You could, for example, choose old elements such as antique tiles or furniture to complete your home. Indirect (mood) lighting is also an excelent choice. If you are looking to give your country-style interior some extra cachet, a Chesterfield armchair is definitely worth your while.

Note: the country style is all about comfort and ease of use, so always remember to keep it simple!




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