Bright colors in your home? The perfect choice for summer!




Bright colors are synonymous with spirit and dynamism. They immediately attract attention, bringing your interior to life, either as an accent wall or in the form of intense and colorful accessories. A brightly colored interior represents instant cheerfulness and is therefore perfect if you want to summer up your home. Bold, bright colors and the summer sun go hand in hand. How to achieve a complete interior with bright colors?



Energize your interior


You can’t do much wrong with basic, soft colors, but they hardly make your interior feel fresh and funky like bright colors can. Bright colors make your interior pop, giving it a unique touch. Did you know, by the way, that bright colors make your interior appear larger? Less is more, however. Bright colors are very bold and they add personality to your home, however you should never exaggerate.


Accessoires and accents in bright colors


Brightly-colored pieces and elements are real eyecatchers in your home. They make your interior shine and look very inviting. The Visit to Casa del Mar collection, for example, has plenty of fun accessories nad ornaments to liven up your home with. The colorful cushions would not at all look out of place in a beautiful Mediterranean home and the porcelain and terracotta bowls immediately provide a summery feeling.

How to keep your interior in tune with the time of the year? By going for accents with bright colors! With a dazzling lamp, for example, you can bring bright colors in your home in a subtle way. Larger pieces in flashy colors tend to feel a bit exuberant, however an single chair in a bright color, as featured in the Farniente a Carloforte collection, fits perfectly in your summer interior.


Combine with timeless base colors


Looking to add bright colors to your interior? Excellent choice! Make sure to combine them with timeless base colors for a balanced result. Sober colors like white, pink and gray, for example, go together quite nicely with brighter colors.




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