How does your environment impact your sense of home?



Today, more than ever, we are concerned with achieving the right balance. We try to eat in a healthy way, to find a good physical balance while exercising, and we also perform our work with a view to achieving the right personal balance. 

Why shouldn't we do the same with our interiors? After all, we spend so much time in it: it is important to achieve the right balance here as well. That way, you will always feel comfortable in your own home and say over and over again: "This is where I feel good"!

But what does balance actually mean? And how can you achieve it? We will explain in this article!


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What is your personal balance?

Your personal balance starts, quite simply, with yourself. It all depends on your gut feeling. And that gut instinct basically consists in two things:

  • What you find beautiful
  • How the energetic balance feels in your interior

If these two conditions are satisfied, you will reach the right balance in your interior and you will feel the so-called 'aha feeling': you will feel at home, you will feel good. 

You can usually tell pretty quickly what you like. But what about that energetic balance? Actually, it is the division between energy and calm that is present in your interior. Those two elements complete each other. If that distribution is right, you can reach your own balance. And that is the important thing, isn't it?

Let's take a deeper look at it on the basis of your environment. Have you ever thought that it plays a big role in finding that balance within your interior? Just look out the window: your surroundings are like a 'living painting' that influences the concrete balance within your interior.

We'll go into it in more detail with a few examples:


Your surroundings are part of your interior

Do you look out on a clear blue sky with a bright sun? Then you will already be receiving a lot of energy. Energy that you want to balance by making your interior more 'peaceful': less bright colours or fewer elements that immediately catch the eye.

Do you look out, for example, on a calm grassy plain that radiates tranquillity? Then you will want to spice up your interior with bright accents and unique pieces that provide energy. 

Have you noticed how much influence your surroundings can have? They are one of the elements that determine the energetic balance of your interior! 

MBut as we said at the beginning of this article: everything depends on your gut feeling. And it is constantly evolving! What you experience as right and balanced today may be completely different tomorrow. Just think of the seasons.


Live with the seasons

The changing seasons have an influence on each and every one of us. And this influence is then translated into your interior: your gut feeling tells you that it is time for a few adjustments.

In winter, you often need more energy because the outside world provides little light and warmth. That is why you opt for warm colours, candles and, for example, an extra plaid on the couch.

During spring, you blossom again. There is energy back in the air, energy you need even more after a long winter. It is therefore logical that you want to bring as much energy as possible indoors. Think of brighter colours and energetic accessories such as a striking vase or a work of art that stands out.

What about summer? When the sun is fully shining, the outside world is already enormously energetic. Then you don't need to use extra eye-catching elements, but choose colours and accessories that are more 'quiet'. This is how you restore the balance!


Moreover, did you know that energy can be found in the little things? Let's say you buy a new mirror to hang in your living room. Do you choose a gold one, or rather a dark one? The first one will bring in a lot of energy, while the second one will appear calm and neutral. It all depends on the details! And it all has to do with perception. Try it out for yourself in your own interior! What brings you peace? What gives you energy?

Find the soul in your home

Finding balance is about living consciously and choosing what makes you happy. And your surroundings certainly play a role in this. Translating your gut feeling into an interior that makes you feel good is what we want to achieve with Pomax. That is why we use the 'soul in your home' principle: by following your gut feeling you will find the right balance and thus the soul in your interior.

Just for you, we have created a Balance Guide that explains what balance is all about, and how you can harmonise your interior with your gut feeling. Take a look and receive useful tips to find the soul in your interior!

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