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We are all looking for the right balance: in our lives, at work and when exercising. So it makes sense to find the right balance in our interiors too, right? And that balance goes beyond beauty itself. After all, beauty is a very versatile concept and changes constantly. Moreover, a collection of beautiful elements does not automatically make you feel good in your interior. It has to do with the right balance! In this article we explain why 'beauty' is not enough on its own, and how you can balance your interior with your gut feeling. 


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Changing tastes


You often choose furniture and accessories based on magazines, Pinterest pictures or interior design shops. But once you have put that specific piece of furniture in your home, it doesn't seem to fit. How come? 

Simply because your gut feeling changes. Something you liked last year suddenly no longer appeals to you. Sounds familiar? Maybe your taste has changed since last week. 

Therefore, beauty alone is not enough. Everything comes from your gut feeling. But what is that exactly?

What is that 'gut feeling'?


Your gut feeling will dictate what you consider important in your interior. That gut feeling consists of two important things:

  • What you find beautiful;
  • The energetic balance, more specifically the balance between calm and energy.

If these two elements are in place, your interior is harmonised with your gut feeling. And then you will constantly feel: 'I fit in here'. So beauty is indeed important, but it is certainly not the only thing that matters.


Look at your interior in a whole new way 


To help you find the right energetic balance, all our products have an energyscore: this indicates whether the product radiates calm or energy. 


As everything starts from your gut feeling, try to discover what you find important:

  • Do I want a certain space to radiate tranquillity, or do I want it to excite me?
    When do I feel at my best?
  • How does my interior feel at the moment? Are there places that feel too crowded, or that could use some extra energy?

By consciously working with yourself and your interior, you will discover which elements appeal to you. This way you bring out the soul of your interior!

An example: you inherited a cupboard from your grandmother that has a lot of emotional value. Why not give it a prominent place in your interior? Because the 'style' doesn't fit with the rest? Give it a chance! By using elements that make you feel good, you bring your interior into balance with yourself!

Find your soul in your interior

Of course beauty is important. But not everything you find on Pinterest will be able to create the right balance. Try to find your own personal feeling in terms of colours, furniture, accessories and materials, and go for an interior that really reflects who you are and what is important to you. By following your gut feeling, you will also find the soul in your interior.

Want to know how to achieve the ideal balance in your interior? In our free Balance Guide you will find a lot of useful tips to find the soul in your home.

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