Combining different interior styles and colours?





An interior is a living thing: you certainly shouldn’t pin yourself in a particular interior style. Far from it, even: real personality is brought by playing with a combination of different styles and surprising elements and bringing them together. With rising temperatures and the beautiful outlook of summer on the horizon, now more than ever is the time to experiment with styles and colours.

How to combine different interior styles for a successful outcome?


You decide


Piecing together your favorite elements, that’s the basis for an eclectic interior. The result is an home that combines modern and classical pieces at the same time, creating a surprising effect. The trick is to flawlessly integrate unique furniture and accessories in the existing space.

You shouldn’t necessarily consider the style of the piece. As long as it fits your interior, you will end result will be astonishing. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t combine without thinking: the used materials and colours have to at least complement each other for a successful outcome.


Complementary colours, for example, create a balance in your interior and help prevent that a particular style gets the upper hand. Textures, too, are a beautiful starting point: when materials and patterns return throughout your interior, you end up with a balanced design that is beautiful to look at.


Different interior styles, 1 whole


Considering a mix of different interior styles? Then it is always a good idea to group furniture and decoration elements. By grouping multiple pieces with the same style, you create continuity in the room, making it easier to go from country to modern in the same room.

Of course, grouping does not mean that you have to put all your pieces in a corner of the room. Positioning, too, deserves your proper attention. When working with complementary colors and materials, you can spread out the different styles over the interior with ease.


Start experimenting


One last tip before you start combining: don’t hesitate to play with compositions, colours, textures and formats, but keep it accessible. We do not recommend mixing more than four styles in the same room. Otherwise, your home will appear cluttered very quickly . Experiment, correct and enjoy, but most of all keep in mind: less is more.




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