Timeless interior? Go for a pretty and neutral mix




Creating a timeless interior isn’t an easy thing to do. It is, in fact, an ambitious balancing act to create a home that doesn’t feel outdated after a few seasons. How do you make it work and achieve a timeless interior without sacrificing the fun factor? With sky blue accents and natural materials! The Accosting in Santorini colletion re-creates the charming and peaceful atmosphere of an idyllic Greek island, guaranteeing an interior where you can experience holiday vibes all year long …



Loving blue


Timeless interiors are all about timeless colors and materials. You can never go wrong with (shades of) white, blue, pink and gray. Moreover: replacing your sofa or whitening your furniture is not at all necessary if you’re looking to bring white into your interior. Opt for white linen, white pillows and thin white curtains to lighten up your home.

Then go to work with blue accents for a summer effect. Wicker baskets, glazed pottery, candle holders … These are just some of the ways to achieve different shades of blue in your house.


A cosy and timeless interior


Looking for other ways to make your home instantly cosy and delightful? Using the right materials goes a long way! Weathered wood, knitted cushions, fabrics with textures, and of course natural elements like thick rope, scaffolding wood and pieces of tree trunk create the right atmosphere, especially against a wall in classic stucco. And in rooms and spaces with plenty of natural light, of course. You will quickly feel like you’re in a cottage on a beautiful beach in Santorini.


The perfect accents and accessories


Blue and white work beautifully anywhere, whether be it the living room, the kitchen or the bedroom, both now and in five or ten years. Do you want to use this hit combination to create a timeless interior? Get a blue duvet cover, blue-and-white cushions, vases and perhaps a painting or other blue accents to give your home a timeless make-over.





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