5x interior inspiration for a Mediterranean feel in your home





Fans of the warm southern climate, rejoice! It is very much possible to incorporate the Mediterranean style in your home and make your vacation in Greece, Morocco or Tuscany last all year long. That way you stay relaxed and laid back, even after your yearly holiday. We help you with all the interior inspiration your need for Mediterranean cosiness in your interior!



Earth tones and warm colors


Sunlit Mediterranean interiors combine sober earth tones and reddish brown with colors like yellow, green, lavender and purple. This mix results in a playful and decorative interior you can’t help but feel cosy in. Warm tones bring the right atmosphere to any room!


Tip: warm tones go together nicely with wooden furniture.


Pottery and ceramics


Decorating a Mediterranean interior can’t be done without the necessary accessories and accents in the form of terracotta pottery and ceramics. These warm-toned materials immediately make your home reminiscent of your dream destination in the south. Vases, pots, ceramic dishes and utensils: they all bring a touch of charm to your home.


Authentic lighting


Need more interior inspiration? Then definitely think twice about your lighting. For lighting fixtures that give your home a vacation feeling, for example, traditional hanging lamps are the way to go. The hand-blown BULLIA lamps and paper origami lamps from CLOUD and BELLE HISTOIRE are very much worth your while. Atmospheric, indirect light yields the best results. Rust-colored metal components complete the look!


Rich textures


Cosy pillows and inviting colored rugs instantly give your home a typical Mediterranean feel. Dare to go bold with marked patchworkd patterns and textures in warm colors: they brighten up your home immediately and provide instant fun.


The right accessories


If you are looking for fun accessories and smaller pieces to complete your home with, you should definitely take a look at the Tangier Getaway collection. The collection has many fun things that would not look out of place in a Mediterranean-style interior, such as bowls, side tables and candle holders. Cheerfulness guaranteed!





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