A stylish interior? Three ways of bringing value with interior accessories


It takes effort to design a stylish interior, even though magazines (and Pinterest) make it seem quite effortless. Would you like to upgrade your home, but do you not know where to start? Or have you been wondering for a while how to effectively use accessories? We tell you everything you need to know to realize stylish interior fit for magazines!

Combining stylish and casual

When it comes to the use of accessoires, a common “mistake” is regarding them as individual pieces. This is a missed opportunity! By grouping accessoires and combining different heights, you create an elegant whole with a wonderful appeal. Additionally, combining forms and structures makes for an interesting picture.

Always start with some bigger accessories to create “body” and then use smaller ones to fill things out.


Getting started with pillows, plaids and other beautifiers


Symmetry is boring. Instead go for unexpected combinations in terms of prints and colors. Provide an unexpected but balanced combination by coupling busy prints and peaceful prints or different materials and structures in the same color.


Not entirely convinced? Start experimenting with the dining area, for exemple. The warmth, friendliness and extra dynamics will quickly convince you to also brighten up others parts of your interior!


Bring your interior to life


We cannot repeat this enough: a stylish interior doesn’t at all have to be stately or boring. Use coffee tables and side tables to display your best accessories, books, vases or candlesticks. Tip: go for a collection of smaller tables of different heights to really bring your interior to life and add some fun energy to your home.




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