Pastel in your home? Your summer trend for every room




Pastels are excellent go-to colors when it comes to interior design. They brighten up your home immediately and add excitement, albeit in a sober way and without overdoing it. Pastels used to be relegated to children’s rooms mainly, but that’s no longer the case. Pastel adds an instant summery touch to every room. They are perfectly suited for bringing a wonderful background atmosphere everywhere in your home.

Do you prefer shell pink or lilac? Almond green or powder blue? The choice is yours!



Many shades, never overbearing


Pastel is the perfect solution if your goal is a lively, yet sober and smooth result. Fact about pastels: the base is always pure white, which is then colored with one of the primary colors. The result is a lighter version of the original pigment. By playing with the amount of pigment, you get different shades of the same color. Thanks to the white base paint, the intensity of the pigment is never overbearing or extravagant.

Everything is possible with pastel


It probably goes without saying that pastel offers almost limitless possibilities. Some people decide to go for an entire wall in pastel, others go for furniture in soft pastel colors or subtle accessories in pastel shades. Think mint green cushions or a soft pink plaid. Or what about pastel colored lamp shades? They immediately turn a hard light into a soft light!


Painting a cabinet or book shelf in pastel is of course another option if you’re looking to add pastel to your home!


Combining pastel with …


Do you want to bring some extra flavor to your interior? Combine soft pastel shades with hard or bright colors. Pastel works extremely well with black and earth tones, but it also goes together very well wih fluorescent colors. Think of a pastel pink wall accompanied by a right pink armchair. This combination immediately gives the room extra panache. Of course you can also go for brightly colored accessories to bring power, perhaps in the form of a lamp, a cushon or a rug. What are you waiting for?




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