Mixing and matching table decorations: turn every meal into a feast




Even the eye wants its part, they say sometimes. We wholeheartedly agree!

The right table decorations turn a lovely meal with family and friends into an unforgettable experience. Additionally, new table decorations often inspire you to present your dishes in new, exciting ways. All of a sudden you’re seeing options that you didn’t see before. Are you ready to spruce up your dinner table? Our tips guarantee success!



Porcelino as a base


Timeless porcelain is the perfect base for each tableware collection, immediately giving each table an elegant look. Fashion trends come and go, but porcelain always makes for a stylish result. The Porcelino collection, in particular, is definitely worth considering. This collection contains unique base pieces that allow you to mix and match to create your own style. Porcelino pieces are wonderful little eyecatchers thanks to their beautiful organic shapes.

The various finishes — White, Grey, Aquatic, Stellar and Bronze — each have a distinctive appearance, allowing for endless possibilities. Do you prefer the glazed look of White or Grey? Or would you rather go for the blue-green tones of the aquatic pieces? You decide!


Say it with colours


Have you decided on your new basics? Wonderful! Now it’s time to expand your collection with other colours and materials to ensure contrast. That way you add playfulness and an element of surprise to your table.

The glasses and pitchers in the Victor collection, for example, combine the best of both worlds: the coloured glass is an added value for each party table.


Flowers and candles


Table decorations go well beyond what type of dishes you use, of course. Additional elements such as vases, candlesticks and wind lights help you make it all come to life. An elegant vase is a great addition to every table, and the same goes for a glass candlestick.


Do you enjoy the cosiness of wind lights and tea lights? Then go for some unique holders to strike the perfect atmosphere!




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