Down to the tea! This table decoration is playful and stylish




A well-kept and nicely decorated table is an excellent starting point for a successful dinner party with friends. Your cooking will of course do the heavy lifting, but the influence of presentation should never be ignored.

Has your table decoration had its best time? Or is it merely a collection of separate pieces at this point? Time to make room for some new decoration and take your table to the next level!



Check my CHIC


An attractive plate makes a world of difference. Take the plates of the CHIC collection, for example. They bring value to every table, without a doubt making a lasting impression on your guests. These pretty plates and dishes are made from chiseled aluminum and turn every meal into a feast. Isn’t the quality and charm just enchanting?


Porcelain with character


Looking to add something extra to your table using table decoration? Then you should definitely consider using porcelain or even bronzed porcelain. The (salad) bowls of the PORCELINO BRONZE series, for example, are absolute winners that are sure to yield many compliments.

If your prefer a bit more color, you should definitely check out the CHIYO series. These bowls and dessert plates come in different shades of blue and are a feast for the eyes!


Tea time!


The entree was delicious, the main course was superb. Time for dessert! And of course a wonderful cup (or two) of tea… Why not go all out with a beautiful cast iron teapot? These will undoubtedly impress your guests:





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