Accent colors and accessories: indispensable in contemporary interiors




Contemporary interiors are all the rage right now. Their timeless, calm and functional nature speaks to a lot of people, which makes that more and more interiors are decorated in a very neutral manner. We of course only applaud this, even though we must emphasize the importance of accents. They instantly provide punch and bring personality to your home! An accent color like yellow is perfectly suited for making your interior more cheerful.


Why yellow?


Yellow immediately reminds of the sun and radiates cheerfulness through and through. It’s the perfect color for updating your home, especially because it is the sunny counterpoint to traditional contemporary colors like beige, gray, white and even black! Yellow cushions, lamps, vases and other accessories are nice touches that really stand out and provide a great atmosphere.


Note that yellow is very much a “present” color. Less is more, remains a great motto to keep in mind.


Accessories and eyecatchers


Although bright yellow is a bold color, you can use it to decorate with without a problem, even in rather peaceful contemporary interiors. Don’t exaggerate, however. A yellow couch and yellow stairs obviously liven the place up, but they are (quite literarally) big eye-catchers which do not necesaarily need to be support by various accessories.


Opt for smaller elements if you like to keep it subtle. Don’t hesitate to alternate with pastel shades or yellow ocher, too.


Yellow in contemporary interiors


Looking to add some extra punch to a contemporary interior? Then you should most definitely go for yellow, especially if you have a great deal of wooden furniture. Yellow and wood go together beautifully!





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