This is a how you create a spacious and relaxing interior




Do you want to unwind at home after a long day at work? We all dream of coming home and relaxing, but unfortunately this is not an easy task – especially when your interior is completely out of balance. Many homes are without the sense of rest and space we all seek.

The solution? Straight lines, square shapes, neutral colours and natural materials. This time we get our inspiration from the orient, and more specifically from the ultra-balances Japanese interiors!



Less is more


When going for Japanese interior design, ‘respect for space’ and ‘simplicity’ are important factors to consider.


Do you have a large amount of furniture and accessories? The message is not to get rid of them, but to minimize in a creative way. For example, our reed TERRA NOVA baskets are perfect for unobtrusively storing stuff. In addition, the use of reed is synonymous with a natural and peaceful appearance.

Wooden cabinets and other furniture should also definitely be considered when looking for creative storing solutions. The starting point is primarily to filter as many distracting elements as you can, and replacing them with soothing elements in natural materials.


Use mirrors and light


Is your home rather on the small side or do you have some smaller rooms where the walls seem to creep up on you? Then use big, sober mirrors for optical enlargement.

The metal A CHIOSTRA mirrors from our FUTURE WAVES collection are ideal for this. The inspiration for their design comes from Japan. Their simple appearance en minimalistic metal edge make them fit perfectly in any kind of interior. In addition, thanks to their large size, they not only provide more space, but also more light.


For the best result, make sure that you can look into the mirror, without actually seeing yourself in it. You can also include the mirror in your interior so that you can not see the metal edges anymore. This can be done by, for example, strategically placing plants. However, in this case the edges are perhaps too nice to cover up!

In addition to the use of mirrors, you can also create more space by using light. Make sure to use enough lights in dark areas or areas where there is hardly any sunlight. Our IYO lamps are partly made of bamboo and partly of PVC, and they are particularly beautiful in Japanese interiors. Our TAMA lamps, on their part, consist of iron wire and tin. Which lamp do you prefer for your interior?


Japanese accessories


Simple interiors are often considered ‘dull’, but this certainly doesn’t have to be the case! When steering clear of an abundance of accessories, you can put more emphasis on certain objects, which is more powerful.

A large wooden table in your dining room, for example, or a metal cabinet in your living room are wonderful eyecatchers in your home. Need inspiration? Check out our GRAPHIC and CLEIA collections.




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