Table decoration tips for wonderful outdoor meals




The sun has found its way to our country, and that means that we’re headed outside again, dusting off the barbecue to enjoy wonderful outdoor meals with family and friends. What more do you need when you have hot weather, a meal and drinks, and good company?

If you like cosy dinners until late in the evening, then a well-decorated party table is a must. Thanks to the table decoration tips below, every garden party becomes a successful experience!


Table decoration tips: the basics


A tablecloth? Not necessarily. Nowadays, the combination of table runners and placemats is far more common. This way, you can subtly create and atmosphere, without taking away the spotlight from your rustic garden table. And your wonderful dishes, of course. Preferably go for grey, green or blue. These are far more forgiving for the occasional stain than, for example, white materials.


When it comes to tableware, a fresh and summery look is the way to go. Flowers and happy colours, for example, provide an instant happy feeling, while also making your dishes look twice as tasty!

Tip: Don’t hesitate to mix and match different plates and bowls. Using different types of tableware, creates and beautiful and cosy effect.


Go for green


Since you’re throwing a garden party, why not include your surroundings? Incorporate greenery, plants and flowers to make you party table come alive with atmosphere! You can do this by arranging branches, leaves or flowers in beautiful vases.


Let there be light!


Outdoor meals may begin under the shining sun, but they usually last until long after sundown. Custom lighting therefore is a must. Lights come in a variety of shapes of colours, and of course lampions and candles are options as well. Do you have trees in your garden? Then don’t hesitate to hang lights in them.




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