Art Deco in your home? Romance all around!



Great news for those who love the French Art Deco style: with some carefully selected accessories, it is entirely possible to jazz up your interior.

Art Deco might border the bombastic, even though it remains fundamentally elegant. Non-traditional decorations, especially, are indispensable – think chromed steel, geometric figures and lots of ornaments. Asian influences, too, deserve a spot in any Art Deco interior.



Luxurious and cool


There are many different ways you can bring Art Deco into your home. The starting point, however, must always be quality materials with rich colours such as purple, yellow, gold and red, preferably in lush motifs and patterns. The result? An interior that takes you away to faraway places!


Traditional pieces should not be overlooked, although a certain balance must be kept between vintage and modern. Panel doors and dark cabinets stand out more alongside fresh and trendy elements. Lush + modern = Art Deco.


Reflective objects


What distinguishes the Art Deco style? Layered lighting, lacquer and polished wood, and reflective objects, to name a few. Mirrors and glass items, in the form of a timeless tea-light holder for example, are a must. They’re fantastic to look at and will without a doubt make you fall in love with your interior all over again!


Art Deco and art


An Art Deco interior isn’t complete without art. But not to worry: you don’t need to break the bank for expensive pieces of artwork for a succesful outcome. A colourful watercolour painting, small statue or strategically placed stained glass panel already very much do the trick.





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