Light reading: pendant lamps that will make you dream





With pendant lamps, you can – without much effort – add some extra atmosphere to your interior. The diffused light that they provide, immediately makes a room feel much warmer. Pendant lamps are available in different types and shapes, and might be the most beautiful when positioned and oriented with great care and thought. Tip: five bulbs with lower wattage are more atmospheric than two with a higher wattage.


Classic with a twist


Who said that classic is synonymous with boring? This lamp proves exactly the opposite. The ANTHOS pendant lamp from our SPIRITUAL collection has a lampshade made of rope – the black and white parts that alternate, each different in width, make it a unique piece of decoration.

The diffusion of light through the different pieces of rope adds a playful touch. An added value for any type of interior!

Pendant lamps: lovely and timeless


Are you in love with the Scandinavian look? In that case the ASTI pendant lamps are right up your alley. These sturdy metal lamps are pleasing to the eye and look timeless. The geometric shapes immediately catch the eye.

The LINES lamps are veritable eyecatchers, also. They are available in matte black, copper and gold. Just like the ASTI lamps, they are sometimes called filament lamps. The lampshade is similar to a frame has an industrial feel.


Filament lamps look their best when multiple ones are hung together. Most wire lamps can easily be hung at different heights. Especially when it comes to ceiling lights which, just like the ASTI lamps, exist in various forms, the possibilities are plenty: experiment with heights and shapes for a vivid atmosphere in the room.


Light up your exterior


Cosiness of course doesn’t end inside the house. You can also use lights and lamps around your house and in the garden to evoke a certain atmosphere. The lanterns below combine classic and modern elements for an authentic look, making them perfect for your terrace or the lounge area in your garden. These lanterns can be put on the floor, hung on the wall as a pendant, or put on the table.





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