Crucial elements for an ‘urban chic’ interior



After a busy day at work, we all like teo come home home to a relaxing interior. Note that relaxing and sober aren’t synonymous with ‘boring’, however. An urban chic interior exudes tranquility without sacrificing hipness. One of today’s trends is combining rural and urban elements into a new and contemporary whole.

Whether urban chic can only work in an industrial space or an eclectic loft? Not at all!



Neutral colour tones


Any interior can get an urban chic makeover. The first step? The use of neutral colours and shades, as well as getting rid of overly busy patterns. Opt instead for furniture and elements with a straight-line design that breathe style and simplicity.

Give your walls a colour that matches your furniture. A dark brown chair, for example, fits nicely with light brown walls, just like black furniture fits well with gray walls.


Go for an eyecatcher


An artsy eyecatcher (on the wall, for example) in a bright colour, is a must-have in an urban chic interior. Some artwork or a creative element here and there, really bring your interior to life. Moreover, they serve as a perfect contrast to your sober walls. Your interior is actually the silent background for the colour ,design or geometric shape you like to put an emphasis on.


The right accents


With cushions or other accents, such as vases, you complete the room. Note that the number of additional elements should be kept to a minimum. Colours like sage, light gray and lavender work extremely well in an urban chic interior.


Tip: Chrome and gray tinted glass are a wonderful go-to for side tables or coffee tables in light brown rooms, while white wood and matt glass fit nicely in white interiors.




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