An exotic interior that enchants with colour? Discover our tips




Summer is at your doorstep. So why not invite it inside? Are you a real world traveler who enjoys getting immersed in different styles, influences and stories? then an exotic interior may be something for you. In exotic interiors, an emphasis is placed on vintage shapes, colour, exotic wood and a touch of culture.

Bring the atmosphere of exotic travel and tropical paradises to your interior thanks to our tips below!



Let’s get tropical


An exotic interior wouldn’t be an exotic interior without the use of brown tones, red and orange. These (and other natural tones) immediately transport you to faraway destinations with a warm climate, and the same goes for colours like turquoise and lemon yellow. Try to bring them into your interior in different ways, for example in the form of larger pieces, but also in the form of smaller decorations and candles.

Cushions and plaids with exotic prints, too, set the the proper mood.


Wallpaper does the trick


Looking to give your interior an extra exotic touch? Then be sure to consider tropical wallpaper or a wall panel with a jungle landscape. A beautiful wallpaper with a bamboo motif, for example, instantly provides the desired effect, especially when placing plants in your living room. Palm plants and banana plants are the way to go if an exotic interior is your goal. In any case, go for gorgeous plants with large leaves, and group them into the room somewhere. By working with levels, you create the right atmosphere.

Tip: Spotlights facing the wall give your wallpaper the attention it deserves!


More is more


Exotic interiors allow for the use of glas, too. Glass bells and carafes catch light and reflect, bringing the space to live. You can also never go wrong with African animal decorations. The result will be stunning!




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