How to decorate a small room?




Believe it or not, but it’s perfectly feasible to decorate a small room that it looks much, much bigger. With the help of space-saving furniture and accessories, you can get the most out of even the most compact rooms. Decorating a small room requires some creativity, so much is true, but luckily there are some effective tricks that always work.

Our first tip? To emphasize the height of the room! Standing frames on the wall, curtains that extend from floor to ceiling, a large bookcase against the wall… These are just some of the possibilities.



Light and airy


Heavy elements don’t belong in a small room. Preferably go for light and elegant pieces that don’t take away the sense of space. Chairs and side tables with a light chassis are the way to go! The SPIRITUAL collection offers these beauties:


When decorating a small room, the phrase ‘Less is more’ applies more than ever, simply because excessive lampshades and over-the-top decoration pieces tend to backfire and small spaces. This of course doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t decorate. On the contrary! Strategically placed pictures frames and candles cosy up the room, all while keeping it light and airy.

Tip: Pick multifunctional furniture and cabinets with handle-less doors that don’t interrupt the view.


A place for everything


In small rooms you should definitely try to limit to amount of items just laying around. Storage space is key – get some pretty storage boxes for larger pieces, and keep your desk or side table clutter-free with this adorable case.

Wood and marble, a wonderful combination!


Making a room look bigger


Decorating a small room so that it looks bigger? Then you definitely need to apply a few visual tricks. The use of glass, mirrors and steel makes any room feel a lot bigger. Cleverly using mirrors, in particular, can make a world of difference.

Also don’t limit yourself to using just white. The magnifying effect of white is much more noticeable when combining white with individual colour accents. Because the eye is ‘guided’ around the room, it appears to be much larger!




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