The rattan chair: unique and elegant




Who doesn’t love natural materials? Furniture and objects made of wood, bamboo, cane, ceramics and rattan immediately create a cozy and homely atmosphere, certainly when adding soft pillows and woollen or cotton blankets. Our advice: reserve a spot in your interior for rattan chairs. They are just that little bit different, instantly giving your interior an exotical touch. The chairs of the URBAN GARDEN collection will without a doubt charm you…


Glamorous and comfortable


Rattan chairs are a beautiful fit in every kind of interior. They also look marvellous on the porch or on the covered patio in summer. With a nice pillow and a soft blanket, a rattan chair looks very inviting. Are you in love with the pillows and blankets from the JUNGLE COCKTAIL collection like we are?


Elegant rattan chairs not only have a glamorous and even a romantic appearance, they’re also extremely comfortable to sit on. The wickerwork is nowadays often combined with other materials – such as metal, aluminium and plastic – giving a modern and contemporary touch to the familiar feeling. Old fashioned? Not at all!


Down to earth


Are you fond of an uncomplicated interior with a natural touch? Then you must certainly take a look at the URBAN GARDEN collection. This collection brings more nature in our home environment, always with a sophisticated twist of course.

From a beautiful side table in cork, to a great closet in wood, to exquisite tableware pieces in sober gray, URBAN GARDEN has it all.


Pillows and blankets


Finish the look and go for colourful pillows and blankets with your rattan chairs. Preferably go for pieces that are as unprocessed as possible. These look most natural and guarantee an extra cozy feeling.

Tip: go for a mix of plain pillows on the one hand and pillows with striking colours, patterns and prints on the other hand. Combine as you please for a result that is exactly how you like it!





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