A welcoming and warm interior? Bring Italy to your home!




If you have ever been to Sardinia, you probably agree that the houses there are a feast for the eyes. They are very colorful and attractive, providing an instant summer atmosphere and simply exuding pure cosiness. Are you also a big fan of the southern European lifestyle? Good news: it’s perfectly possible to bring the feel of Italy to your home and achieve a warm interior. There’s a lot you can do wiith the right colors, materials and accessories.

Ready for a sunny holiday feeling all year round?



Ochre: timeless and warm


Everything starts with timeless, warm base colors. Red ochre and goldish yellow ochre, the latter this year’s Color of the Year, by the way, are sunny colors that immediately draw you in and give your interior a warm, Mediterranean atmosphere. Other earth tones are an appropriate basis, too. Go for color wash and/or fresco fro the ultimate holiday feeling! Those special painting techniques are wonderful to look at, aren’t they?


Authentic accessories for a warm interior


No warm interior is complete with the perfect accessories and ornaments. The Farniente Carlo Forte collection has everything you could possibly be looking for: charming, authentic and summery pieces to decorate your cozy interior with. What do you think, for example, about these colorful cushions? Or the typical, nostalgic tableware pieces above, which are small bowls of porcelain. The colorful terracotta bowls, on their part, have a reactive glaze that provides an extra shine.


Furthermore, you can also bring warmth by adding more elements with warm colors. A gaudy fabric pouf stands out immediately, while a rustic rough wood cabinet creates a nice touch in the background.

Just start combining!


Concrete and recycled glass


Two materials that always do well in warm, Mediterranean interior are concrete and recycled glass. These can be used in your interior in various ways, such as, for example, in the form of a concrete or marble wall clock. Moreover, recycled glass is available in different forms. Think of pots, vases, bottles, cups and bowls. The more color, the better!





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